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Our Study Platform is a one-stop study solution and the preference of CFA ESG candidates. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for your exam. It includes:

  1. A Study framework
  2. Study recommendations and exam tips
  3. Question banks per chapter
  4. Mock Exam
  5. Study Summaries per chapter
  6. Media Center
  7. Community Center
  8. Tutoring sessions (optional)

Our Study Platform DEMO was prepared for you for free so that you can have a sense of our CFA ESG Investing exam preparation tools. From all the study solutions included in the Study Platform, this DEMO consists of a Question Bank Sample and a Mock Exam Sample; however, candidates will have a better idea of all the resources available in our Study Platform.

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CFA ESG Study Platform FREE DEMO

Our CFA ESG Study Platform FREE DEMO aims to give CFA ESG Candidates a walkthrough on alma mundus‘s Study Platform, its structure, study resources available, and access to our promotions. From all the study solutions included in the Study Platform, this DEMO consists of a Question Bank Sample and a Mock Exam Sample; however, candidates can navigate through the platform and get a better idea of the resources available.

Our Study Platform is a one-stop study solution that includes:

  • Study tools: Includes our Question Bank and Mock Exam (500+ questions).
  • Edition 3:All our study tools are updated to the most recent version of the CFA ESG Certification.
  • Tips, recommendations, and a study strategy framework designed by CFA ESG Investing certified professionals.
  • Study Summaries per chapter: Our Study Summaries digest each chapter’s main subjects to help you focus on what matters. We have summarized the 550 pages of the CFA ESG Official Manual in 131 pages of critical ESG content.
  • Media Center: Studying for the exam may take months. The media center aims to complement the CFA ESG book readings more entertainingly. The videos selected cover critical ESG subjects that will probably be in the exam.
  • Community Center | Study Groups: We have created an exclusive community formed by the CFA ESG candidates using the alma mundus study tools. Our community will facilitate the creation of study groups and allow you to ask, share, inspire, learn, and enjoy the CFA ESG certification study journey.
  • Tutoring Sessions: This option aims to provide guidance and answer candidates’ specific questions. Many candidates have used these sessions to re-center their study and overcome particular challenges faced during their preparation for the exam. These sessions are sold separately, but candidates with access to our Study Platform benefit from premium prices. Check prices on our main page (scroll down).
  • Updates and add-ons: alma mundus will continue developing their study tools based on the candidate’s feedback. As new features are added, the price of the study platform may increase accordingly. If you purchase the study platform today, you should not be worried about the price, as you will have access, FOR FREE, to all new add-ons. For instance, some of the add-ons we have added in the first quarter of 2022:
    • 90+ new (exam type) questions were added to our question bank.
    • All Chapters Summaries. 
    • Feedback per question: Every question included in our study tools (Mock Exam and Question Bank) has detailed feedback.
    • Community Center | Study Group: You now have access to an exclusive alma mundus group where you can find study partners, ask questions, share insights, and celebrate when you pass the exam.
    • Other potential add-ons: More (exam type) questions, videos with tips or specific ESG content explaining how to ace CFA ESG exam type of questions, with particular question examples.

Guarantee: You will have access to your online portal until you pass the CFA ESG exam.

All our study tools were prepared by ESG professionals who hold the CFA ESG Investing Certification. We developed to test and improve your ESG knowledge online from the comfort of your home or office.

All the questions in our study tools are original, complementary to the questions included in the CFA Institute materials (Handbook and Specimen Paper), and not repeatable.

Data analysis and diagnosis report: All study tools include a complete diagnostic report, aiming to improve your success rate by allowing you to review, understand, and consolidate both the ESG content and the different type of questions you will face during the exam. This report includes an overall performance score, performance per chapter, performance per question, exam time duration, and time duration per question.

Feedback per question: Every question included in our study tools (Mock Exam and Question Bank) has feedback. Once you finish your Question Bank or Mock exam, besides our diagnosis report, you can review all your questions and learn from our detailed feedback per question.

Disclaimer: Alma Mundus is a CFA Institute Prep Provider. Only CFA Institute Prep Providers are permitted to make use of CFA Institute copyrighted materials which are the building blocks of the exam. We are also required to update our materials every year and this is validated by CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review or warrant the accuracy or quality of the product and services offered by Alma Mundus. CFA Institute®, CFA® and “Chartered Financial Analyst®” are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.  © Copyright CFA Institute

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